This system is available from 4:00 am through 11:00 pm Mountain Time daily.


First, you must use Internet Explorer and NOT Netscape to run reports. Internet Explorer is provided with MS Windows.

You need to allow pop-ups from our website. Depending upon what system or anti-virus hardware you are running, you may need to go several places to do this.

To Allow Pop-ups in Internet Explorer

  1. Select Tools from the Menu Bar
  2. Select Pop-up Blocker
  3. Select Pop-up Blocker Settings
  4. Pop-up Blocker Settings Window will be displayed as shown below
  5. In the field Address of Web site to allow: enter /
  6. Click Add
  7. Click Close

* You may have to close Internet Explorer and go back in for this change to take effect.


This will enable you to receive pop-ups from our site and allow you to run the reports.

If you do not have the Pop-up blocker option under the Tools option you can allow pop-ups another way.

  1. Select Tools from the menu bar
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Select Privacy
  4. Select Settings
  5. Pop-up Blocker Settings Window will be displayed as shown below
  6. In the field Address of Web site to allow: enter /
  7. Click Add
  8. Click Close

* You may have to close Internet Explorer and go back in for this change to take effect.

If you have Pop-ups blocked in other programs such as Norton Utilities, Yahoo or even at your hotmail account you may also need to go to those sites and 'Allow pop-ups' from our website too.

For Google Toolbar (From the Google website ' tool bar help):

How do I allow popups on certain sites?

  1. Make sure the Google toolbar is visible by going to the View Menu on Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Toolbars, and make sure the Google Toolbar is checked.
  3. Visit the site
  4. Click the Popup Blocker button. It should now say "Popups okay," allowing popups on the BLM web site.

For the Yahoo toolbar (From the Yahoo! Toolbar help ):

How do I know when a pop-up window has been blocked?

When a window is blocked, the Yahoo! Pop-Up Blocker icon will animate and play a sound.

What if something I want to see is getting blocked?

If Pop-Up Blocker is blocking something you want to see, there are three different ways you can override the Yahoo! Pop-Up Blocker built into Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer:

Option 1: Add the source of the pop-up window to your Allowed List by doing the following :

  • Click the Pop-Up Blocker menu
  • Select "Always Allow Pop-Ups From...".
  • Select the site from the "Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-Ups" list
  • Click "Allow"

This will allow all pop-ups from this web site to appear without further action.

Option 2: Press and hold the CTRL key while clicking a link . This will override Pop-Up Blocker just for that one click and allow any pop-up windows resulting from the click to appear. You will have to hold down the CTRL key before clicking the link every time you click on a link that is currently being blocked.

Option 3: Turn off Pop-Up Blocker by clicking the Pop-Up Blocker menu and unchecking "Enable Pop-Up Blocker." This will allow all pop-up windows to appear. If you have done this and the pop-up is still being blocked, it is not being blocked by Yahoo! Pop-up Blocker. Please check the settings on the other pop-up blockers installed on your system. You can turn the Pop-Up Blocker back on by selecting "Enable Pop-Up Blocker" again so that it has a checkmark.

Other Programs

Note: If you have tried the three methods listed above and the pop-up you want is still being blocked, the window is NOT being blocked by Yahoo! Pop-up Blocker. It is being blocked by some other pop-up blocker, such as another toolbar you have installed, the blocker built into Windows XP service pack 2, or some other program such as an Internet security program or firewall. Due to the wide variety of programs that may be blocking the pop-up it is impossible to list them all here. You will need to look for some indication on your system when the window is blocked, such as an icon or sound, to determine what is blocking the window from appearing. Check the "View > Toolbars" menu in IE to make sure all your installed toolbars are present so you will see any indicators they may be presenting, and check all your applications listed in the "Programs" menu of the "Start" button to see if any of them include a pop-up blocker that may be blocking your window from appearing.

If you're using Internet Explorer and you only see "Close" when you click on a "Set"

If you are running Internet Explorer and you click on a "Set" button, it changes to a "Close" and nothing else happens, here's what you do:

  1. Wait a minute. Information might not be done downloading.
  2. Click on the "Stop" button for Internet Explorer. There might be an image which is slow to load.

If those steps haven't worked, then it is possible that scripting is not enabled in Internet Explorer. Here is how you enable scripting in Internet Explorer
Enabling Scripting in Internet Explorer.

  1. Go to the Tools menu for Internet Explorer.
  2. Select "Internet Options".
  3. Click on the "Security". Internet zone should be selected.
  4. Click on the "Custom Level" button.
  5. Scroll down to "Scripting".
  6. Check whether "Active Scripting" is enabled.

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